Wednesday, February 4, 2009

To Smoke or Not to Smoke - Phelps

Hello people, So I've been watching this Gold Medalist Phelps go through this smoking crap, and I wanted to write on it a couple days ago but decided it wasn't 'tech' thus not for my blog, Well the news this morning pushed me to go ahead and write some of my thoughts.

First off, Let the man smoke!

So tell me this, if this man wasn't a smoke, would he ever have been a gold medalist? Obviously marijuana was a part of his life, but as far as I can tell hes done more than most of us! In Fact he broke some big record didn't he? (Bet you know!)

Whats that tell you? Leave the man be, let him live his life, and he may entertain us again in 4 years, and represent our country, in the respectable and professional way he did already, He quite smoking, got down to business and kicked ass! So what if he wants to celebrate with a fat bong hit!

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