Friday, December 11, 2009

Happy Freaking Love Child, #FollowFriday I think.,..

Follow Friday. Oh My!

Ok so this is a great idea!! And as this article tells you some guy just decided to start this shit up, tell me, whats another GREAT freaking Idea we all can get started on Twitter, Or Facebook, Or whatever!

How about a website dedicated to dedications! hahahah Yeah lets make some silly ass website thanking everyone whos thanked someone! Yeah lets call it #ThanksALot

OMG hell yeah! Ok so go to twitter and #ThanksALot would ya? I would Thank you! then you would have to post me for thanking you and well then we start over, Or do we?

Are you confused? Are you as confused as I am? Yeah me too... If this makes no sence then your a hippy love child like I am, and really just dont care!




Followers on Twitter are an interesting thing. There is much discussion about how its not how many followers one has, but how many people you follow.
Yet, for some reason, people still grade themselves on followers. Loic Le Meur (which Michael Arrington agreed with) suggested that a filter be added to Twitter’s search function that allows the searcher to sort by number of followers.
Often, I get people asking me to tweet out that my followers should follow them. (Of course, as the Anti-Christ of Twitter, people usually lose followers when I do that).
Yesterday morning, I was having an IM conversation with my friends Jeffrey and Danny. Both are among my favorite people.
Danny is one of the first people I met when I moved to Colorado, and I was an advisor on one of his early startups, Zuvo. We have been friends for a long time, and he is one of the smartest, most creative people I know.
Jeffrey I met recently. He moved to Colorado several months ago, when a portion of his company skinnyCorp, who run Threadless, (If you havent bought stuff from Threadless, you just arent cool) moved here. As the Chief Creative Officer of skinnyCorp, Jeffrey not only is a designer but an idea creator.
Jeffrey and Danny are both highly intelligent, creative, humorous people, that I enjoy hanging out with daily. Their tweets are no different.
As I got ready to go into the Lijit office (I was moving slowly because I thought it was Saturday.), I started thinking about how proud I was to be friends with Danny and Jeffrey, and more people should follow them on twitter. So I sent this tweet out:

Read the rest here....Follow Friday. Oh My!

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