Thursday, December 31, 2009

Kid gets Xbox 360, loses mind

For all those who believe the apocalypse is close at hand, I have a video that will surely save you from such dire imaginings.
This little delight from YouTube shows that we are, indeed, bringing up our children to believe in a better tomorrow, one in which human beings will finally place their priorities in the correct order.
Please enjoy the sight of a child (Is he eight? Nine?) expressing his sheer at-oneness with his firmament when he espies that his Christmas gift is an Xbox 360.

No one can possibly tell me that this is anything other than sheer, untrammeled joy at the thought of being able to block out the world and enter into the Kingdom of Video Games from which so many children rarely emerge. This child knows that all ancient, outdated concepts such as parents, school, and even Santa can be happily left behind now that he has the key to extraterrestrial escape: Microsoft's Xbox 360.
Who among us could not be moved by such elevated, primal emotions, ones that signal the escape from the normal to the paranormal?
This is the modern world. We are finally saved. Hallelujah.
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