Saturday, December 5, 2009

Report: MySpace to adopt Facebook Connect

Report: MySpace to adopt Facebook Connect

Ok so below is the article I was reading this morning, Google, and Facebook, battling for the Web identity Crown, Lovely, one of the largest company's on the internet is based on a Social Website?

I mean come on, dont we have better things to do with our time than to spend endless hours bull shitting with other people who are wasting there time? 

Is this what our society has come to?  A bumch of fish rasing, farm plowing web heads, with nothing else better to do, what a legacy!

Peace. . . .
Report: MySpace to adopt Facebook Connect | The Web Services Report - CNET News

MySpace's rumored adoption of Facebook Connect could be happening in the near future--as soon as early 2010, Inside Facebook reports.

MySpace and Facebook have historically been rivals, with Facebook having ousted MySpace from their spot as the top social network, but their relations have been of a friendlier nature as of late. It appears as though MySpace has effectively given up on winning the social-networking war and is instead focusing on its already strong entertainment business, which includes the market leader, MySpace Music.

The extent of MySpace's Facebook Connect integration isn't yet known, but it is expected initially to leverage MySpace's media content, like music. This news comes right on the heels of Yahoo announcing a massive Facebook Connect implementation across all of its sites. Facebook and Google are currently battling it out for the Web identity crown. With Yahoo and MySpace out of the race, 2010 should prove to be an interesting year as Facebook and Google both try to carve out pieces of the market.

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