Thursday, November 4, 2010

Internet Explorer 9 beta review: Microsoft reinvents the browser

Internet Explorer 9 beta review: Microsoft reinvents the browser
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Today in San Francisco, Microsoft will officially unveil Internet Explorer 9 and make it available to the general public. It is, without question, the most ambitious browser release Microsoft has ever undertaken, and despite the beta label it is an impressively polished product.
A closer look at the Internet Explorer 9 beta (screenshots)
The underpinnings of IE9 are no secret. Microsoft has been talking since last fall about its determined effort to adhere to Web standards and embrace HTML5. It has also detailed its efforts to improve IE9’s performance compared to previous releases. Developers and IT pros have been able to shake out compatibility issues and benchmark performance with four public platform previews over the past six months. But this beta is the first time Microsoft has publicly shown off the new browser’s user interface and given its Windows customers a product they can use day in and day out.
Click above to see this full article, Im gonna install this browser and check it out completely then post a review here.

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