Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My iPad and what i think, if u care.

Ok so i just got my new iPad, yeah i know im behind the times a bit, but i wanted to voice my opinion anyhow, it's really cool, im actually posting this blog post using the on screen keyboard, lovely.

I do want to say that my wife who is sight impaired totally loves the thing, she can browse the web much easier than ever before, she can't put the thing down, which leaves me little time to mess with it.

I have installed a handful of apps and only actually purchased one of them, i was worried that everything i wanted for this thing would cost me money, not actually, although the fruit ninja game got me to spend a buck.

If your considering a iPad i would suggest you decide what you will be using it for and if it's worth the expense for you, as far as me i am happy, i love the thing even though it's really just a fancy toy. Oh yeah It has a calendar too...


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