Tuesday, July 12, 2011

G+ Hangouts - Great place to learn some programming.....

I was fortunate enough to enjoy a few hours programming with  Mohamed Mansour and some friends this evening, and thought I would share some tidbits and also a blog posting Mohamed posted to the Hangout this evening.  Here is a link to the programming project:

Framework for integrating small labs for Google+ into a single Chrome Extension

Google+ Labs for Chrome Extension

This Google Chrome extension will inject a link to your Google Plus profile so that you can share your post to Twitter or Facebook.

Here is the Blog Posting:

Software developer Mohamed Mansour has found one resourceful way to use the Hangouts video-conferencing feature on Google Plus. You might remember him from the Google Chrome extension, Facebook Friend Exporter, he developed that freed your Facebook contact data, letting you import it directly into Gmail or save it as a CSV file. Yes, he's the so-called "pesky hacker," err...software developer that Facebook has blocked
Mansour's at it again, but this time he's teaching and sharing his passion for programming. He posted the following on his Google+ account:
"I thought it was a nice idea to show people on a Hangout how to develop Google Chrome Extensions, and it was really popular that I got many requests for it. From now on, I will be showing my development live on the Hangout in most times. So drop by and say hi, I will try and answer all software development questions on the Hangout." 
If you're a programmer, make sure you follow him and join one of his next Hangouts. Maybe he'll inspire the next developer who gets their app or extension blocked by the notorious Facebook.

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