Friday, January 25, 2013

Facebook Cuts Off Friend-Finding Access to Vine, Twitter’s New Video App

Facebook Cuts Off Friend-Finding Access to Vine, Twitter’s New Video App

Don't go and try to add your Facebook friends to your new VINE app, expecting to be able to share your videos, Facebook has shut off the API hose to Vine, is this because of Twitters relationship with Facebook?

That was fast!
Within hours of Twitter launching its Vine video-sharing application on Thursday, Facebook has cut off access to Vine’s “find people” feature, which
lets used to let Vine users find their Facebook friends using the Vine application.
What does that mean? It’s basically an annoyance, a hindrance on an easy way to connect with all your existing friends using the service. It would have been a good way to jump into a new product, rather than manually trying to find all of your friends using the app.
No comment from Twitter beyond the error message we’re seeing pop up when we try to use the Facebook friend finding feature in the app, and no immediate response from Facebook as of yet.
But the cutoff isn’t exactly surprising, given Instagram recently snipping Twitter cards integration, and Twitter cutting off access to Instagram’s “Find your Friends” feature. Welcome to the new, competitive landscape of social tech companies.
The loser in all of this? Sorry, user, but it’s you.

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