Saturday, December 12, 2009

Invisible Speaker Technology - For REAL It's Invisible....

Wow, check this shit out, these speakers are actually Invisible, they can attach these speakers to the front of monitors, picture frames, or whatever!   This technology has me pretty surprised, the sound comes from the picture that you are watching, and is clear, so you don't see anything.

Cant you just see it now, soon the younger kids will be wrapping there windows in the car with this stuff!!  Now thats Surround Sound for real!

Peace. . . .

Emo Labs Raises $1.5 Million For Invisible Speaker Technology

Startup Emo Labs, which creates invisible speaker technologies, has raised $1.5 million in funding according to an SEC filing. The startup, which presented at this year’s DEMO conference, previously raised $16 million in funding. Emo Labs was a co-winner of the top prize at DEMO, winning a shared $1 million in advertising.
Emo Labs’ flagship product, enabled by the company’s Edge Motion technology, provides invisible, zero-footprint speaker systems. The speaker systems, which is a plastic device, aims to transform the screen of a flat panel display product into a stereo loudspeaker. Here’s a demo video that where Emo Labs’ CEO Jason Carlson demos the product.

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